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Question 1:

How will you ever know what your property is worth if you do not auction it?


Only at Auctions do you get the best price through competitive bidding by the general public. The Auction method gets the top price fast, instead of long-term negotiations with each person. The Live Auction gets people caught up in our "Sound & Excitement That Sells!" This method far exceeds eBay, and silent auctions.

Question #2:

What do you have to loose?


You can put a minimum price you will take. If the bids do not reach this price, you do not have to sell. However, if it doesn't, a lot of people have told you very quickly that your price is not right today. This is better than waiting for months to here this! Wouldn't you agree? This valuable information can greatly outweigh any fees, or advertising dollars you may have lost.


Then to, for a real estate auction, we can sell your personal property at the house to raise revenue. If you don't have any, we can bring in furniture and merchandise, and pay you a percentage of what we sell of our goods.